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Musicians of Entertaiment Society

Les músiques a la revolució, guerra i repressió (1936-1950) (2007-2009)

This project analysed the role of music during the Civil War and the first post-war period. It did not set out to provide a miscellany of songs and hymns, but rather the opposite. It narrated the war period and its consequences from a totally innovative and different point of view, describing personal experiences, eyewitness accounts and political, social and cultural events based on the musical activity during those years. For example, it followed the history of the priests saved by the FAI for having been the music teachers of members of the militia, the band of republican musicians who changed sides after Franco’s victory, the creation of choral societies inside the concentration camps and the indignation of the cabaret organisers when their dancers began to earn as much as the ticket sellers and waiters. There is also a space reserved for talking about the situations and position of the big names in Catalan music during the war, such as Pau Casals, Eduard Toldrà and Joan and Ricard Lamote de Grignon. In short, the project did not analyse music as an abstract notion but from the point of view of the people behind the hymns, songs and chants. Oral testimonies and extensive unpublished documentation provided a different angle of the way in which history was woven in that difficult and complex period.


Main researcher




  • Laura Gené Hijos
  • Núria Medrano Torres


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