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Oral Chants of the Mediterranean

El cant religiós de tradició oral al Pirineu Català (2008-2011)

This project was the first study of religious songs in the oral tradition of the Catalan Pyrenees. Some of these songs are polyphonic which makes them exceptional within the European scene of religious male polyphonies. In different counties of the Pyrenees there is a very present and intense memory of male church singing. Despite the years that have passed since its existence we can still find solid and active testimonies that allow us not only to remember the songs of the past but to reconstruct in them interpretations of great musical interest. The research covers the scope and state of an unsurprisingly diminished tradition and concentrates especially on the social and musical aspects of the songs.


Main researcher


  • Iris Gayete Acero


  • Amàlia Atmetlló Folguera
  • Ester Garcia Llop

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