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A l'entorn de la versió barcelonina de "Così fan tutte" (2010)

The MUSC music group and the National Library of Catalonia signed a collaboration agreement for the study of a musical collection awaiting cataloguing, located in the Music Section and owned by the National Library of Catalonia.

MUSC identified and reconstructed the manuscript used in 1798 in the first performance of Così Fan Tutte in Barcelona. The team, directed by Dr. Francesc Cortès and coordinated by Dr. Joaquim Rabaseda, considered that the manuscript had been copied in Vienna and that the text and music had to be adapted because it had been incomplete when it reached Barcelona. The Barcelona version was the first Mozart opera to be performed in Spain.

The musicology work of the MUSC research group at the Library of Catalonia in June and July makes researchers think that the exact reason for the adaptation is due to the fact that it was incomplete when it reached Barcelona. The manuscript that was confirmed as having been sent directly from Vienna during this research only contained three quarters of the opera. Some of the central parts were missing and somebody had to link them together to make a logical and coherent work once again. The research of the group has enabled the rest of the opera to be studied within a collection being catalogued. In the conclusion to the research it was also possible to confirm that the manuscript formed part of the scores that had probably come from the musical archive of the Santa Creu Theatre in Barcelona.

MUSC finalised its research with the presentation of a special edition on the Barcelona version of the opera at Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg the following summer. The book was the first in a series of scientific publications (in Catalan and English) by the research group.

The research team that began the study of this collection at the Library of Catalonia was directed by Dr. Francesc Cortès, lecturer at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and coordinated by Dr. Joaquim Rabaseda, lecturer at the School for Higher Education in Music of Catalonia (ESMUSC). The members of the research group were: Anna Costal (UAB), Francesco Cotticelli (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II), Isabel Ferrer (UAB), Joan Gay (ESMUC) and Marisa Ruiz (UAB). Research doctors Josep Borràs, Marc Heilbron, Pau Monterde and Josep Maria Vilà also participated along with the ESMUC interns Helena Bogunyà, José Reche and Laura Sintes.


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